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A Realisation

I just deduced that I live spot on on our equatorial line!

The Solar System

Image taken from Berkeley Edu / Nasa Science News

How did I find out about this?

This is what I see when I take my telescope out to the balcony to stargaze.

September – November 2011: Jupiter lies vertical to where I’m standing.

January – March 2012: Mars rises from the horizon and eventually rises to be vertical to my star gazing spot mostly.

Mid March 2012:  Saturn rises vertically above me too!

So, Earth and all these planets orbit the Sun in their respective elliptical orbits arranged in concentric layers.  And if these planets rise to be vertically above me, my home, my body, my telescope are pointed straight at those planets.  That means, we are all aligned in a straight line.

How awesome is that! Plus by observing the night sky straight up (vertically), I get the clearest view of the planets as the atmospheric layers  would be thinnest and hence, light entering my telescope would be less scattered. Yay!

What about you? Do you live right on the equatorial line too?

ps. This is a hypothesis created by me. It may be wrong. If it is, let me know.

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